Case study diagnosis Fibromyalgia

3-10 % of the general adult population worldwide suffers from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is characterized by a widespread pain all over the body. It is difficult to diagnose as the cause of the disease is not defined yet. Diagnosis is based on scores or pain by touching tender points, general observations and complaints of the person. In many occasions patients feel not taken seriously as clinical data do not show deviations.

  • The past 10 years Anna, a professional in business administration, visited many medical doctors, Her complaints increased during the years. She experienced muscle pain and connective tissue pain, insomnia, tiredness and anxiety. As the symptoms lasted for more than 6 months they were classified as a chronic disease
  • For 8 years she was using a high doses of painkillers on a daily base
  • Each year her periods of sick leave became more frequently and increased in the number of days. Although she felt a high responsibility to do her work well, she was not able to handle stress as effectively as she used to.

Referred to COBALA

  • COBALA started to guide Anna with Personalised Integrative Care.
  • After 6 weeks guidance she completely stopped the use of all painkillers. Her pain decreased tremendously.
  • Three months later she could sleep undisturbed for 8 hours and felt fit when starting the day.
  • Her anxiety became less and she started to enjoy social activities again. She was happy at work and noticed a higher productivity.
  • Her sick leave days are almost reduced to zero

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