COBALA presents at Bitterballenborrel

November 25, 2016 the “Bitterballenborrel” (croquettes cocktail party) took place in Breda. Dr. Carla Peeters was invited to present her business. During the presentation she showed the entrepreneurs the increasing number of chronic patients in the Netherlands. COBALA has a unique humanistic healthcare approach in which ancient wisdoms are combined with the latest innovations. By means of personalized integrative care entrepreneurs and employees are guided to increase their personal resilience making optimal performance a reality. For long term ill people COBALA guides to become healthy again quickly and with more energy and vitality to go to work.

Workshop 'Food to feel fitter' is much appreciated.

The workshop 'Food to feel Fitter' of COBALA | Good Care Feels Better was held on November 19th at The Field Kitchen on Amelisweerd estate near Utrecht. The workshop began with a tasty and healthy meal. Dr. Carla Peeters interactively made participants familiarized with the base effects of diet and lifestyle for a fit body. Afterwards, visitors could fill in their evaluation. The overall assessment of the workshop was 8.2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

COBALA starts research on dementia and parkinson

On August 30th 2016 Mr Kunikrishnana, registrar of The Institute of Transdiciplinary Health Sciences and Technology in Bangalore and dr. Carla Peeters Good Care Feels Betters signed Know how transfer agreement for research on neurodegenerative diseases.

Publication: People Centered Care. 

ZonMw The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development recently launched an important document to create awareness for People in the Center: Sense giving in Care. Sense giving is an important part of human beings and needs to be part of excellent personalised healthcare. Dr. Carla Peeters was one of the special persons who had an interview for this important statement. It is the vision of COBALA to organise a personalised integrative healthcare to make healthy aging a reality for all.  

SER advice on working with chronic diseases. 

On March 18, 2016, the report Work: important for everyone was published. SER advice on working with chronic diseases. Dr. Carla Peeters has been involved on several occasions in the realization of the report. COBALA wants to achieve a distinct positive impact on an inclusive society by preventing chronic diseases and improving the quality of life of people with chronic diseases. We see work as an expression of spirituality / meaning to be of importance in society. We think it is important that everyone has the chance to experience this.

Click here for the public version of the SER's advice. (In Dutch) 

COBALA active at VNO-NCW

COBALA ACTIVE AT THE CONFEDERATION OF NETHERLANDS INDUSTRY AND EMPLOYERS (Known as VNO-NCW) in a co-creation proces for the  development of an advisory report on chronic diseases by the Social Economic Board. December 15th Dr Peeters will participate in the dialogue with  the SER advisory committee and various stakeholders. In The Netherlands for both employers  and employees with chronic diseases innovative solutions are required. To limit the yearly rise of the number of people with chronic diseases and increase in costs prevention of the development of chronic diseases for healthy employees is needed

COBALA signs Memory of Understanding

October 9th 2015 dr Krishna Kumar CEO of the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy in Coimbatore and dr Carla Peeters CEO of COBALA Good Care Feels Better signed a Memory of Understanding to support their collaborative work and future initiatives.


COBALA visits universities

From september 30 until october 10th 2015 Dr Carla Peeters, CEO of COBALA Good Care Feels Better, visits prominent universities and research institutes in India for collaborative research and to integrate Ayurveda in modern Science of Heath to make healthy ageing a reality. (Photo: Amalaki, a highly rejuvenating fruit).

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