The name COBALA is derived from BALA. BALA is used in Sanskrit for strength, resilience and immunity. When BALA is strong a person is of good health. For creating a strong BALA a holistic approach and effective co-creation is needed. The O in COBALA is colored red related to cells. At COBALA we desire a strong BALA for all of creation. The golden circle of the organization relates to One Health; All what is outside is inside as well. The word COBALA is also related to the structure of vitamin B12, cobalamin. Vitamin B12 is one of the essential vitamins in human life, which is the only structure with  Cobalt as a mineral inserted in the middle.

Our Vision: We work together to create a healthy society.
Our Mission: Creating and sharing knowledge to keep healthy persons healthy and to adjust imbalances.
Our values: Simple and Effective.

Personalized Integrative Care ®

At COBALA we strive to be of a high added value for our clients, stakeholders, community and nature. The integration of Eastern medicine and other Complementary and Alternative Medicine into Modern Western Healthcare offers  a Personalized Integrative Care for each client  to support the way to optimal health and a brighter life. We are empowered by our vision to built a healthy society with a value based healthcare system. Clients are approached as equal partners in the decision making process.  Each day we work to make  our slogan Good Care Feels Better a reality. We take the time to listen carefully to your story to understand what is important for you to find together a way for your optimal health. By feedback and evaluation of our clients and other stakeholders we continuously improve our care and business . We join courses regularly. We keep up to date with the latest scientific papers and participate in national and international conferences. Our services are evaluated by an independent authority. 

To learn more on Personalized Integrative Care please visit www.goodcarefeelsbetter.org

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At COBALA we work in a co-creative process with various disciplines to add to a knowledge system for healthy ageing, to restore balance and to deliver optimal value based healthcare services. A medical doctor specialized in food, a clinical chemist and several medical technical assistants are part of the cooperative work. Furthermore, we collaborate with specialists in Western, Eastern and other Complementary and Alternative Medicine at national and international level.
For scientific research COBALA cooperates with universities and research institutes in The Netherlands, Germany and India. COBALA is active in The Netherlands and expands to other countries. We are interested in partners to join and cooperate in the process to create a healthy society.

Please contact us via our contact page when you are interested.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

COBALA is taking care of all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. From this point of view we initiated the HITA HITUM Foundation. HITA HITUM is Sankrit for “That what makes us happy”. 5 % of the yearly turnover of COBALA is donated to HITA HITUM. The foundation supports several people per year who can not afford the guidance by COBALA and are highly motivated to make a positive change in their lives. The foundation is involved in research to integrate Ayurveda in mainstream Modern Healthcare. In addition we contribute in bridging the gap between farmers and medical doctors for the production of high quality food to assist in the healing process of people that suffer from illness

The HITA HITUM foundation is an ANBI organisation. If you want to support us and be part of the movement to create a healthy society a donation would be highly appreciated

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