Entrepreneur finally got rid of 10 years of chronic back pain and gained € 10,000 / year economic return.

Recently we guided an entrepreneur with chronic back pain and an increasing number of complaints. Over the past 10 years, the entrepreneur dropped out of work for a number of days and parts of days due to these back pains.

The entrepreneur has had osteopathic aid for several years. Osteopathy gave temporary pain relieve after treatment. In connection to the remaining complaints, the customer decided to use a Personalized Integrative Care® Package by COBALA. This resulted in an adjustment of diet and lifestyle, and in addition the osteopathic treatment was continued. After four months the entrepreneur reported that the chronic back pain was almost gone and a better quality of life was experienced. Furthermore, the other complaints have since largely disappeared and osteopathy can be phased out. The entrepreneur gives an overall improvement in quality of life measured over eight dimensions of 16%. On mental and physical level an improvement in performance of 25% is measured. The economic returns through the guidance of COBALA amounts to € 10,000,= on an annual basis.

Chronic back and neck pain; a common problem in The Netherlands

The 2-yearly survey of TNO shows that neck and back problems most frequently occur among chronically ill employees. Between the ages of 56 and 64 years, 15.5% have neck and back pain. On average across all age categories, this is 10%. In addition, it is observed that people with lower education develop complaints more often. Some workers with chronic neck and back pain feel partially or severely impaired in their work or are declared totally or partially incapacitated. Resulting in high costs for the company and society.


Broader application of Personalized Integrative Care®

The above case study shows that a Personalized Integrative Care® approach has a positive impact on quality of life, reduces social costs and improves the results of the company. A policy to use Personalized Integrative Care® for prevention as well as with existing chronic diseases for you personally or your employees, in the long term will have a major impact on the performances of your employees and hence the results of your company.

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