COBALA starts coaching long-term ill in organizations

Simple and effective method COBALA

COBALA developed in collaboration with experts screening packages to boost health. The results of a screening and a medical history give insight into which nutrients are missed, and if present, blockages. Our simple and effective advice can be restore imbalance and boosts health. Before and during the guidance progress in various fields is monitored.


Excellent results on individual guidance

For the past six months COBALA’s approach in helping people with chronic diseases with a personalized integrated approach has proven very successful. The improvement of quality of life has been reviewed by 85% of the customers as excellent and 15% as good. Employers are excited about the detailed case studies and a people-oriented simple and effective approach.

Deployment of employer for a health staff pays of

The commitment of the employer both preventively and through support with diseases has positive effects on the company. Healthy employees increase the performance of people with higher alertness, creativity and effective collaboration.
The involvement of employers in maintaining healthy employees increases the sense of belonging and togetherness.

Trends predict an increased number of sick employees

The RIVM VTV report (2014) has predicted that the number of people with chronic diseases will increase from 32% to 40% in 2030. We are getting older and on the other hand getting chronic diseases at a younger age. Other recent publications, inter alia, 1 million Dutch people struggling with depression and annually, 900,000 employees have to deal with burnout, support this trend.

Greater responsibility employers

By law and regulations, the employer is responsible for wage payment for sick employees for a period of 2 years. Depending on the chosen insurance sometimes 10 years. Possibly the employer of 2017 is also responsible for the wage payment in case of illness of flex employees. So employers see partly for economic reasons, an increasing need to pay more attention to maintaining healthy staff

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