Case study diagnosis Burnout

The number of employees with burnout or burnout-like symptoms increases annually. In the Netherlands, about 14% of employees have a burnout. Burnout is seen as a work-related illness and is therefore defined as an occupational disease.

Symptoms of a burnout are emotional imbalance and a low energy level. The average number of days of absence of an employee with a burnout is about 189 days / year. A burnout is more common in men. It is thought that a burnout is a result of too much stress at work. Therefore the employer is thought to be responsible to take for the employee suffering from a burnout. The annual costs for a burnout in the Netherlands are estimated at € 1.8 billion.

  • Mike, a driven professional in business services, was suffering from emotional imbalance, had difficulty concentrating and was easily agitated. He did not have any energy to work. Each task seemed to be too much.
  • He was guided by a general practitioner and a company doctor and followed several therapies.
  • In 6 months he was on sick leave, there had been only minor improvement.

Referred to COBALA

  • COBALA started to guide with the Personalised Integrative Care program with personalised nutrition and lifestyle. Regularly in a burnout psychological guidance is chosen. COBALA uses a holistic approach with the right intervention at the right time
  • After three months of coaching by COBALA the number of working hours was increased. Guidance was given for balancing activities at work and private. The energy level gradually increased and maintained when increasing the number of working hours. Also the mind became more quiet and mental work started to be possible again
  • After 6 months Mike was fully reintegrated into his own work while maintaining a good energy level. His productivity was on the old level. Mike was better able to organize his work in such a way and make choices that he would have enough energy left at the end of a working day.

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