Case study diagnosis Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Approximately 10- 30 % of the population is suffering from an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). 10- 50 % of them are visiting a general practitioner (GP) and 17-30 % is visiting a specialist. The impact for Mary, family, organisation, society and healthcare sector is high. Considerable benefits can be obtained from effective interventions.

Prior to COBALA

  • Mary, an academic professional, suffered from stomach pain, tiredness, emotional distress and insomnia for many years
  • Every year her complaints became worse. She used painkillers to be able to go to work though frequently she was feeling too sick to go to work
  • She visited several doctors and specialists. Each time she was told she was healthy. They advised her to learn to deal better with stress in her job
  • Mary was concerned about her health and had an increased feeling of loosing both physically and mentally whom she used to be. While having experienced an active social life before she had any complaints, nowadays her social life was limited to a few close friends.
  • She started to look for a more holistic and personalised approach as she wanted to keep working with a healthy and active life. Taking no further action was no option anymore.

Referred to COBALA

  • Mary was referred to COBALA by a trusted person in her network for a review of all medical data and her physical and mental complaints
  • COBALA suggested Mary a guidance of 6 months Master Your Health programme on personalised nutrition and lifestyle
  • Since starting the program Mary improved monthly while she could continue working.
  • Slowly tiredness, stomach pain, emotional distress and insomnia disappeared. After 6 weeks painkillers were completely stopped. After four months she could work without any days of sick leave.
  • After six months her energy and physical and mental condition were better than the past years. She refound trust in her own body. Moreover she learned how optimal nutrition and lifestyle is person dependent and affects both private life and work.

The average 12 months costs for long term absenteeism for an academic professional could range from € 80.000,= - € 100.000,= . Without the personalised guidance Mary would probably have been an employee suffering from long term illness

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